City Waives Fees & Allows for Expanded Use of Temporary Commercial Signs

The City continues to look for creative ways to assist the Bowling Green community.  In recognizing the challenging times of our local businesses, and as an extension of the emergency declaration, the City will allow the expanded use of temporary signage for commercial businesses.  Temporary signage is a good communication tool, and the need to communicate business operations with customers is critical.  Therefore, the City of Bowling Green is allowing for a provisional increase in the total number of temporary signs, and is temporarily waiving the permit requirement/fee, minimum setback, and thirty (30) day per year limitation for commercial businesses.  A business may have up to three (3) temporary signs, not to exceed sixteen (16) square feet in size.   Signs are not permitted in the right-of-way, may not block traffic visibility, and may not contain flashing lights.

In addition, the City is temporarily waiving the fee for downtown businesses submitting permits for A-Frame Sign Usage, Outdoor Dining, and Merchandise Displays on public sidewalks.  However, businesses are still required to submit a permit, as the City is required by federal law to ensure the maintenance of a 5’ accessible aisle width and proof of liability insurance.  The current regulations of restricting the hours of use to 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily and the size limitation for A-Frame Signs still apply.

This modified guidance will be in place until December 31, 2020.

Questions may be directed to the Planning Department at (419) 354-6218 or by emailing .