City of Bowling Green Expands Recycling Service

The City’s curbside recycling program has been expanded to include more recyclable material! Dedicated City crews will still pick up your recyclables, with City trucks, on a weekly basis and recyclables will still be collected mixed in your blue recycling container. Recyclables should be placed loose, NOT bagged, in your recycling container. What’s changing? Recyclables will be delivered to Republic Services for processing. The list of accepted materials has been expanded:

Accepted Materials:
• Bottles & Jars ONLY! All colors.
• NO window glass, ceramics, dishes, or mirrors.

MIXED PLASTICS (#1, 2, 4, 5 & 7):
• Look on bottom of containers for a number inside the recycling arrows.
• Plastic Bottles & Jars:
o CAPS ON! Please rinse, flatten, & put caps back on.
o Examples: Milk Jugs, Detergent & Shampoo Bottles, Plastic Beverage Bottles, Plastic Jars
• Plastic Containers w. Lids
o Examples: Yogurt Containers, Butter Tubs, Cottage Cheese Containers
• NO Bulky Plastic (Toys, Crates, Buckets, Pipes, etc.)
• NO Film Plastic

• Milk & Ice Cream Cartons
• Juice & Broth Boxes
• PAPER egg cartons
• Cereal, frozen food boxes, etc.

• Clean, dry newspaper (all sections)
• Magazines & Catalogs
• Paperback Books
• Office Paper (All colors)
• Junk Mail
• NO SHREDDED PAPER (Take to Bowling Recycling Center’s Drop Off)

• Corrugated Cardboard (wavy center)
• Paperboard (cereal boxes, dry-food boxes, frozen food boxes etc.)
• Flatten to save space.
• Remove all packing materials.

• Aluminum Beverage Cans
o Drain completely, may be flattened.
• Steel Cans
o Rinse Clean. Place lid inside can & pinch closed, may be flattened.

• Do NOT bag your recyclables!
• Do NOT put plastic grocery bags in your recycling container. Return to store for proper recycling.

For those who do not receive curbside service: The Bowling Green Recycling Center, Inc.’s 24 Hour Drop Off will remain open. Please follow signage posted for the full list of accepted materials. The Wood County Solid Waste Management District also provides twelve Recycling Drop Offs around Wood County.

Download the City’s free Recycle Coach App to access the “What Goes Where Tool?”, collection calendars, and more! Also available on the City’s website at