Boy Scout Half Marathon and 5k – August 25

The Boy Scouts annual half marathon and 5k run will take place in Bowling Green on August 25.  The run will begin at 7:30 am from the Wood County Fairgrounds.  It is anticipated that there will be nearly 1,000 participants.  The route will be as follows:

  • West on Poe Rd
  • North on Haskins Rd
  • East on W. Newton Rd.
  • South on Fairview Ave.
  • West on Conneaut Ave.
  • South on Mitchell Rd.
  • East into the Stone Ridge subdivision via St. George Cir.
  • South on Wintergarden Rd.
  • East on Sand Ridge Rd.
  • East on Gypsy Lane Rd.
  • North on the Slippery Elm Trail
  • East on Sand Ridge Rd.
  • North on Grove St.
  • West on Poe Rd.
  • North on Village Dr. through the Village subdivision
  • North on Brim Rd. exiting into the Fairgrounds

While runners are present on each road, traffic will be affected and traffic patterns may be altered.