Bowling Green Organizations Exceed $37 million in Lifetime Electric Cost Savings Through Efficiency Smart

Since 2011, Efficiency Smart has partnered with the City of Bowling Green to provide energy efficiency services to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities customers. During that time, more than 120 Bowling Green businesses and institutions have worked with Efficiency Smart to save nearly 33 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy, more than $2,632,000 in annual electric costs, and an expected savings of more than $37.5 million in electric costs over the lifetime of the energy-saving products that were installed. This has resulted in an annual CO2 savings of more than 64,877,600 pounds, and more than 69,713,500 pounds when combined with residential projects to date.

Multiple types of businesses and organizations have completed projects, including manufacturers, retail and grocery stores, government, restaurants, places of worship, legal offices, financial services, entertainment venues, car dealerships, educational institutions, and automotive repair and supply shops. Efficient lighting and lighting controls, HVAC upgrades and compressed air have been the most frequent types of energy efficiency improvements made. Other projects include variable frequency drives (VFDs), industrial process cooling, injection molding and refrigeration upgrades.

Efficiency Smart offers the Small Business Solutions and Large Business Solutions programs to help Bowling Green businesses reduce operating costs and stay competitive. Both programs offer many resources for Bowling Green businesses, such as guidance and recommendations on energy saving improvements and incentives to help reduce the cost of those improvements.

For more information about the services available to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities customers, contact your local account manager, Joey Boston  at 614.468.4900 or , or visit Bowling Green’s webpage on Efficiency Smart’s website at