BGPD – Community Engagement

The Bowling Green Police Division adheres to the Community Oriented Policing philosophy with the goal of establishing relationships and partnerships with the community that we serve.  Members of the police division participate in numerous community engagement activities in an effort to strengthen ties and trust with all members of our community.

Members of the police division work in partnership with local schools to teach and mentor children of all ages.  For instance, employees participate in DARE, AAA Safety Patrol Camp, Safety Town, Junior High School EzPlus, Senior High Bobcat Plus, as well as Boys and Girls Scouts and youth athletic teams.  The police division also recognizes the importance of a parent’s influence in their college-aged child’s life.  The “Parent Notification” program is utilized in order to inform parents of when their child is arrested in Bowling Green for drug or alcohol related offenses.  The intent of this notification is for the young adult’s parent to guide their child into making better life decisions.

The police division works on a regular basis with Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in joint City and University programs.  We have provided support and guidance to initiatives and groups such as the Not in Our Town Movement. The “Coffee with a Cop” initiative, which provides a relaxed forum for members of the community to discuss concerns with officers from BGSU and BGPD over a cup of coffee.  The division also collaborated with La Conexiόn of Wood County in 2019 and implemented “Late Night Establishment Employee Training” to better prepare businesses to handle incidents of discrimination and bias in a safe and legal manner. Officers served as presenters to the program “What Would You Do?” training community members to recognize and respond appropriately in the community to bias incidents.

The police division also encourages its employees to engage the community by participating on community boards.  Division members participate in various groups such as the Bowling Green Community Foundation, Wood County Prevention Coalition, Wood County Opiate Task Force, Wood County Sexual Assault Response Collaborative, Wood County Safe Communities, and the Eastside Neighborhood Coalition.  Division members also participate in speaking engagements at the Senior Center as well as with Kiwanis, Rotary and Exchange Clubs.

The Bowling Green Police Division believes it is through these relationships and services that we are better able to listen to our community and provide service to meet the community’s needs.  We do not police the community, we police for the community.

Chief Hetrick with Claire at Coffee with a Cop 10-3-2019 Scott Frank presenting at What would you do 12-4-2019