BG Winterfest 2019

In conjunction with BG Winterfest on February 8-10, minor traffic impacts will likely occur. On February 9, beginning approximately at 10:00 am, Clough Street between South Main and the entrance to City Parking Lot 2 will be closed to traffic.  This closure will last until approximately 11:00 pm.  Access to Lot 2 will remain.  On-street parking on Clough St, from Main to Lot 2, will be prohibited during the closure.

Also part of the event is a carriage ride. The route for the carriage is as follows – pick-up and drop-off at the Four Corners Center (130 S. Main St.), the carriage will proceed south on Main St, east on Washington St, north on Church St, east on Court St, and south again on Main St to the Four Corners Center.