BG Economic Development Launches “movingforwardBG” Campaign

The BG Economic Development Office has developed a campaign to send a clear, consolidated message throughout the community and to provide some resources to businesses.  The campaign is entitled #movingforwardBG. Posters, yard signs (for businesses with frontage), and floor decals (for social distancing) have been developed and will be distributed to local businesses.  A banner is also being displayed over Main Street.

The message is as follows:

We are open.
We are safe.
We are strong.
We are #movingforwardBG.

The hope is that the community sees a clear message wherever they go — the bank, their place of work, their dentist, their favorite restaurant, etc.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have all been created under the same name: Moving Forward BG.  Content will feature positive interactions between businesses and residents and will highlight how businesses are pivoting to keep their employees and customers safe.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. If you’re a BG business, reach out to the BG Economic Development Office to request campaign materials.
  2. Please follow the Moving Forward BG Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter social media accounts with your business pages (and with your personal accounts if you choose) and share content as it’s posted. Encourage your staff and/or customers to follow these accounts if possible.
  3. If you have a story to share, please reach out to the BG Economic Development Office. We want to feature businesses on the social media pages. For example, maybe you’ve come up with a list of “best practices for working at home”, or your company pivoted your operations to make PPE products, or your business has donated to a local nonprofit. The list is endless.  Please keep in mind, these posts are not meant for advertising products or services.  Instead, these are focused on story-telling.  Anything that encourages positivity, economic interaction and/or moving forward — let’s begin to share those stories broadly with our Bowling Green community.