BBB News Alert! – Defective Games, Puppy Mills and Other Alerts

Happy New Year to all…and a reminder to get your shopping done for Chinese New Year, which is January 28th.

       Defective Games given this Christmas are a big problem! Telltale Games (San Rafael, CA) has produced Minecraft, Batman, Walking Dead and many other popular games. BBB reports the company has not responded to complaints and has a BBB grade of F. Local consumers have complained to us that they cannot download or play the games in their consoles. They tell us the company’s customer service is unresponsive. If you have had problems with games from this company, BBB/San Francisco is interested in your experience.

NEXT: Snow Removal Alert! David Axilrod, a retired snowplow contractor, has alerted us to some important facts:

  • If a contractor is using a vehicle to plow snow, be sure he has commercial insurance on his vehicle policy. If he does, his insurance company will issue a certificate of insurance that shows the amount carried and, if cancelled, the effective date.
  • If there is an incident and the contractor does not does not have the proper coverage for plowing, the property owner may be held liable for harm to persons or property caused by the contractor.
  • In Toledo it is a fourth degree misdemeanor to remove any natural deposit of snow or ice by depositing it upon any paved portion of the public right of way (sidewalks or streets). If a contractor does so, the property owner may be held liable not only for the offense but also for any civil liability that could arise due to harm to persons or property from such illegal acts. Other municipalities may have similar regulations. It’s a good idea to check your own locality’s rules.

Good advice! Make sure your snow plowing contractor is properly insured and, if in Toledo, that he

follows the law.

NEXT: Puppy Mill Scam. Amarillo BBB reports a possible puppy mill scam. French bulldog puppies are apparently being advertised at for upwards of $1200 which is supposed to include delivery. The website alleges the puppies are delivered by airlines. The only acceptable form of payment is by wire transfer like Western Union. The account information provided for direct deposit is located in Arkansas.

The company works with Frisco Pets Moving out of Houston for delivery. When the money has been paid for the puppy but before the puppy is delivered, Frisco Pets Moving reportedly contacts the buyer for another payment of close to $1,000. Fortunately in the complaint BBB received the consumer did not send the additional money for shipping. Most of the delivery charge is guaranteed to be refunded upon delivery (with stipulations, of course). Instructions are given not to mention to Western Union or Money gram staff that the money was to purchase a puppy, (these guys are really good!)

The address the company had on their website up until last week was 3420 S. Coulter, Amarillo, TX which is an apartment complex. The manager informed BBB they did not have a record of that company in the complex – and that they do not allow pet breeding.

FINALLY: The gigantic Yahoo Hack of a billion customer accounts has generated scams. Worried consumers urgently want to contact Yahoo customer care for more information. There are a few ways to do so — but, Yahoo warns that phone is not an option. That’s right: any phone number you come across in an internet search, claiming to connect you with Yahoo customer care, is fake.

The FTC reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee. But Yahoo customer support is always free of charge. You should never be asked to pay to have your Yahoo password reset, for technical support, or help with security concerns. Also, Yahoo won’t ask to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request. Any call claiming to be from Yahoo wanting to remove viruses from your computer is a scam!


Dick Eppstein, BBB