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City’s Revolving Loan Fund Provides Business Assistance

The City’s Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was established in 1987 as a means of offering “gap finance assistance” for those businesses desiring to create employment for persons at lower income levels within Bowling Green’s corporation limits.  Thirty-four years later, it is still making an impact–recently surpassing the $5.5 million-dollar mark in terms of total loans made since the fund’s inception.

In most instances, at least one job must be created and offered to a person at a lower income level (at time of hire) for every $35,000 loaned.  HUD, however, has authorized the City to issue a few micro loans, annually, within the Special Improvement District that are based on lower-income residency saturation within that area. Most RLF loans are made for a fixed term of three to five years with an interest rate that is two-thirds of the prime lending rate (as listed in the Wall Street Journal) on the closing date. Micro-loans, though, are generally issued for a three-year period at prime. Businesses may utilize the funding for inventory and equipment purchase as well as working capital, but not for construction or property purchases.

For more information or to receive a loan application, contact Tina Bradley, City of Bowling Green Grants Administrator, at (419) 354-6220 or .

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute – January 18

The annual Human Relations Commission tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. will be held virtually this year on January 18 at 7:00 pm. This year’s program will feature keynote speaker Jennifer McCary, who is the Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer at Bowling Green State University. The HRC will also present the Drum Major for Peace Award. The Drum Major for Peace Award is given to a citizen of BG who has made significant efforts to further the betterment of human relations by actively promoting justice, peace, and respect, and who exemplifies Dr. King’s character and values of courage, truth, compassion, dignity, humility, and service.

Those wishing to watch the program may do so from the City’s YouTube Live channel –

2021 MLK Tribute Program

Partial Closure of City Parking Lot 3 Beginning January 4

The Public Works Division will be closing a portion of City Parking Lot 3 as well as a portion of the alley just east of the parking lot on Monday, January 4.  The work will begin in the alley, proceed into the eastern portion of the parking lot, and then will transition to different sections of the parking lot thereafter, with work lasting up to 2 weeks.  The closure is required to install conduit for future security cameras.

This timeline is dependent upon progress of work and weather.

End of Year Message from Mayor Aspacher

As we approach the end of 2020, I think it is important to reflect on the challenges our community has endured this year.  Each of us in this community have been impacted by the pandemic.  We have sacrificed in numerous ways—forgoing activities and gatherings with people we care about, working in adverse conditions, changing our routines, accommodating and adapting to challenges, and many other ways each of us has been impacted.  While there have been so many hard, sometimes painful, things that have occurred, there are some bright spots that have emerged from these difficult times.  As I’ve watched our citizens, students, and businesses forge through these uncharted times, I am in awe of what you’ve been able to do (and what you’ve refrained from doing, when appropriate) and am humbled and proud to serve as the Mayor of this community.

Bowling Green is a resilient community and in times of peril, we have found ways to lift one another, to help those in need, and continue to move forward.  Our local businesses, that I urge you to continue to support if you are able, have found new and creative ways to operate and stay open in safe ways.  In a period of time when we had to physically isolate for safety we, as a community, were certainly not alone.  As I reflect on this year, I am especially grateful for the community partnerships which have proven to be a significant reason we were able to meet the many challenges this year presented.

The students in our community—from pre-school to college—experienced significant changes this year.  I am thankful for the extraordinary efforts of the educators in our town, including those involved with the public schools, private schools and BGSU.

The list of people to praise and thank is exceptionally long as we are thankful for so many essential workers.  I want to call attention to the work of those involved with Public Health and health care, particularly Wood County Health Department and Wood County Hospital employees. You are to be commended for your hard work and dedication.

On a personal note, I want to recognize the dedicated City staff who have remained committed to serving our community and providing essential services in Bowling Green.

The new year will certainly have its challenges but it is also a time for hope.  I encourage you to be strong and safe as we close out this difficult year and join me in looking forward to, and hoping for, better days ahead.

South Summit Closure – January 5 and 6

The Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Division will be closing South Summit Street, from Lehman to Gould, on Tuesday, January 5, and Wednesday, January 6, from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm each day.  The street will reopen overnight.

The closure is required in order to replace a sewer lateral.  This timeline is dependent upon progress of work and weather.

Main and Wooster Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Crossing Upgrades

The Electric Division has completed the traffic signal and pedestrian crossing upgrades at Main Street and Wooster Street, which will improve traffic flow within the downtown and improve accessibility of the pedestrian crossings.  The upgrades include a camera detection system for improved traffic movement and battery back-ups for the traffic control cabinets which power and run the traffic signals so that during a power outage the traffic signals will continue to operate normally.  The pedestrian crossing pushbuttons were also upgraded to include a touchless option and ADA improvements.

The new pedestrian crossing pushbuttons include an option for users to simply waive their hand in front of the button to activate the pedestrian countdown timer (rather than pushing the button).  They also include an audible tone that indicates when a pedestrian should “wait” and when it is safe to cross the road.  Pedestrians will now be required to activate the crosswalk before receiving the “Walk” indicator to cross Main Street rather than simply waiting for the traffic signal light to automatically change the “Do Not Cross” indicator to the “Walk” indicator.  If the pedestrian does not activate the crosswalk by pushing the button or waiving their hand in front of the button, they will not get the signal to cross the road.

Mayor Aspacher Statement About Neocles Leontis

I am saddened by the tragic and untimely death of Neocles Leontis – I am saddened for his family, his students and peers at Bowling Green State University, and our community.  I wish to extend my most heartfelt condolences to Neocles’ family.

Neocles was a tireless advocate for issues such as sustainability and science, improved housing conditions and social justice.  While on City Council, Neocles proved to be a vocal supporter for these issues, devoting countless hours working to improve our community.  He made a significant positive impact on both his students and our community and his loss will surely be felt.

North Maple St Closure – Nov 30

The Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Division will be closing North Maple Street, from Wallace to Conneaut, on Monday, November 30 from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

The closure is required in order to repair the sanitary sewer line.  This timeline is dependent upon progress of work and weather.

Refuse & Recycling Collection Changes Week of Nov. 23

The City of Bowling Green offices will be closed on Thursday, November 26th & Friday, November 27th in observation of Thanksgiving.

As a result, the following route will be followed for all refuse and recycling collection:

  • Regular Monday collection will be collected on Monday
  • Regular Tuesday collection will be collected on Tuesday
  • Regular Wednesday collection will be collected on Wednesday
  • Regular Thursday collection will be collected on Wednesday

Questions about this schedule or the City’s refuse/recycling program may be directed to the Public Works Department at 419-354-6227.