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Message from Mayor Aspacher: Mask Update

It’s been nearly 2 months since our community began reopening under the Responsible RestartOhio protocols.  During this time, our businesses and residents have adapted to the continually evolving guidance being issued by the State of Ohio.  While we are all anxious to return to our “normal” lives and activities, it is paramount that we maintain our discipline.  We need to wear masks/face coverings, keep our distance, and continue good hygiene by washing hands and staying home when feeling sick.

As the Governor announced yesterday, Wood County has been upgraded to a Level 3 (Red) on the Public Health Advisory Alert System.  As a result, masks/face coverings are no longer just a recommendation, but a requirement as of 6:00 PM, July 10, 2020.  It’s important that we remember that we are experiencing unprecedented challenges and are fighting a very real threat to our community, from both a health and economic standpoint.

I urge you to wear a mask, not out of fear, but to protect those around you, especially those who are most vulnerable to this virus.  I urge you to wear a mask, not because of your political affiliation, but because health experts have determined that this simple act can help to slow the spread of this virus.  I urge you to wear a mask, not because it’s been ordered, but because you care about our community and want us to get back on track as quickly as possible.

We, as a community, need to continue to work together to determine how we can best make our way through these unusual times.  Let’s continue to work together so that our businesses can stay open and our children can return to school, both while keeping our community safe.

Community Energy Savings Days

Bowling Green Community Energy Savings Days

Community Energy Savings Days are called for when demand for electricity is expected to be high.  This can occur during very hot or very cold weather, when homes and businesses are using high amounts of electricity at the same time.

When a Community Energy Savings Day is called, residents can help by simply using less energy between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  If residents use less energy during these times of peak demand, we can spread demand more evenly on the network, reduce the cost of providing energy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated.

Participating in a Community Energy Savings Day is easy.  Residents can take simple conservation steps such as: shutting off lights when not needed; unplugging small appliances and electric chargers (especially those with small lights); raising the air conditioner thermostat a degree or two; closing curtains, drapes and blinds; doing laundry and other household chores requiring electricity during hours other than 2:00 – 6:00 PM; and turning off televisions, computers, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices when not being used.

There’s plenty of power available and the grid is in good shape, but if we can conserve during these peak hours, the City can save on transmission and capacity costs in the future.  Bowling Green residents are requested to voluntarily lower electricity usage during the peak period from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm over the course of the next few days when extreme high temperatures have been forecasted.

As a municipal electric system, owned by its citizens and customers, it is contingent upon those same citizens and customers to keep the electric rates for themselves and all other customers of Bowling Green Municipal Utilities as low as possible. Our citizens and customers have the opportunity to make a difference in their system and their rates by conserving energy during the periods stated for the upcoming days. As forecast dictates, we will most likely be asking our citizens and customers to again conserve energy at additional times this summer.

Avoid & Prevent Mosquitoes

Climate conditions (rain and temperature patterns) can affect mosquito numbers on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis. The first thing we must ask ourselves is why so many mosquitoes so fast and where are they coming from? Although it seems natural to assume the mosquitoes are coming from large areas of visible standing water, that is not necessarily the case. Trees have small cavities where water can pool and serve as a spot for mosquitoes to reproduce without any predators to consume the larvae. Yes, large, stagnate areas like undrained lawns can produce many adult mosquitoes, but even the smallest puddle can support mosquito larvae (bird baths, clogged gutters, kids’ toys, buckets, used tires, etc.).

Wetlands are often cited as a place people speculate the mosquitoes are coming from, however, in a healthy functioning open wetland the mosquito larvae are kept in check by the other larvae (such as damselfly and dragonfly larvae). It’s a challenge to find mosquito larvae while sampling aquatic creatures from local wetlands. Typically, students find buckets full of damselfly larvae. That is a good thing as not only will the damselfly larvae eat the mosquito larvae; the adult damselflies will consume adult mosquitoes.  Scientists have proven that the creation of healthy wetlands near
forests can decrease adult mosquito populations as the wetland will overproduce adult mosquito predators. However, the creation of more wetlands is expensive and often controversial.


  • Eliminate or Treat Standing Water. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.  Walk around your yard and empty water from containers, empty/refill bird baths daily, fill in low areas with soil/mulch. Larvicides can be used to treat wet areas that will not be used for drinking, where mosquitoes may breed. The Wood County Health Department distributes mosquito dunks to residents free of charge. They can be used in areas like rain barrels, pool covers, fountains, septic tanks and gutters. For more information, visit the Health Department’s Environmental Health Division on East Gypsy Lane Road in Bowling Green, or call 419-354-2702.
  • Use Mosquito Repellents that contain DEET, or another EPA approved product. Natural repellents containing lemon eucalyptus oil may provide relief as well. Do not like sprays?  Consider Thermacell portable mosquito repellent devices or wear long, loose fitting clothing.
  • Use Mosquito Netting and Fans around gazebos, decks, and patios to keep mosquitoes away from sitting areas.
  • Plant Mosquito Repellent Plants. Citronella, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Cat Nip, and Marigolds have been shown to contain mosquito repelling properties.
  • Limit Outdoor Activity from Dusk to Dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

Avoid & Reduce Mosquitoes Flyer

Bowling Green Parks & Recreation Announces Opening Dates

 The City of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation, in compliance with State Guidelines, is able to open the following:

  • Limited Restrooms in the Park – beginning May 23
  • Skatepark in City Park – beginning May 26
  • Eli Joyce Softball Field – beginning May 26
  • Bowling Green Training & Community Center – beginning June 1
  • Most Facility Rentals – beginning June 1

Still closed, by order of the Governor, are all playgrounds.

For questions or more information call 419-354-6223 or visit the City’s website,

Scheduling Resumes for Large Item Collection Program

Residents wishing to dispose of items too large for refuse containers may begin calling on Tuesday, May 26, to schedule a pickup.  The program, which allows for a collection year-round by appointment as opposed to having to wait for specific times of the year, had been temporarily suspended as the City responded to COVID-19.  As part of the program, residents may schedule up to two large item collections (up to 5 items per collection) at no additional charge per year (some restrictions apply).  An example of the 5 item limitation would be a typical kitchen table with 4 chairs – this would be considered 1 item.  Thereafter the following fees apply: $25 for the first item, $15 per item thereafter.  Residents simply need to call Public Works at 419-354-6227 to schedule a date (typically a Monday or Friday) to have the item(s) curbside no later than 7:00 am.

Because of additional fees and restrictions at the Wood County Landfill, mattresses will still require additional payment (maximum of 3 mattresses).  Those needing to pay for mattresses or items beyond the allowance must submit payment (by mail or drop box) before being added to the collection calendar.

Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, tires, chemicals, solvents, fuels, and liquid paint will NOT be picked up by City refuse crews.  The City’s Recycle Coach app provides proper disposal options for these items.  Also, the City is not authorized to pick up building materials, construction or demolition refuse, sod, or rocks.  These items may be taken to the Wood County Landfill for a fee.

Information about Large Item Collection and other special collections may be found on the Public Works Division webpage or residents may call Public Works at 419-354-6227.

Refuse/Recycling Delay – Week of May 25th

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, all non-24 hour City facilities will be closed on Monday, May 25th, and refuse and recycling collection will be delayed by one day:
Monday’s route will be collected on Tuesday.
Tuesday’s route will be collected on Wednesday.
Wednesday’s route will be collected on Thursday.
Thursday’s route will be collected on Friday.
Questions about this schedule may be directed to Public Works.

Ride of Silence to be Held as Virtual/Remote Event

Northwest Ohio Virtual Ride of Silence – Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 6:45PM
A joint event for NW Ohio including Toledo, Bowling Green and Findlay!

On Wednesday, May 20th, cyclists across Ohio will again take to the road, joining globally in the 2020 Ride of Silence (RofS), a silent procession to honor and celebrate the lives of family and friends injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.  Due to the impacts of COVID-19, this year’s event will be a virtual/remote event.

The program will be live-streamed at 6:45 PM to remember those injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.  Participants are asked to ride alone or with family on a route of their choosing, with a start time of ~7:00 PM.  Riders are encouraged to take photos and use the hashtag #RideofSilence2020 when posting on social media.  Posting to the Ride of Silence Facebook page is also encouraged.  This will allow organizers to get a good sense for how many people participated this year.

6:45 PM — Livestream Program
7:00 PM — Start your solo or family Ride of Silence ride

Bowling Green, Findlay and Toledo will join together during the livestream to remember Dave Larabee, killed on his way home from work in 2005, Dr. Stephen Snedden, killed while biking along River Road in Perrysburg Township, and Dr. Robert Brundage.  We will also remember and honor Imranur Rahman, Kenny BenderShannon MillsRonald ChamberlainLewon Talley and Dr. Mark WladeckiTom SantoroEric RamlowDouglas KaniaSierah JoughinMatthew BillingsJames LambertEmilee GagnonHarvey Bell IIIAndy Gast, Adam Little, Jimmy Hughey, Jeff Roth and others prior to the start of our virtual Ride of Silence.

This year marks the 11th event held in Toledo, 4th in Bowling Green and 2nd in Findlay.  Those who are unable to participate on May 20, are invited to ride on Saturday, May 23, at 10 am, which is the official rain date/time for S. Hemisphere events.  More details on the annual Ride of Silence can be found at or

Link for livestream:
Event Site:


BG Economic Development Launches “movingforwardBG” Campaign

The BG Economic Development Office has developed a campaign to send a clear, consolidated message throughout the community and to provide some resources to businesses.  The campaign is entitled #movingforwardBG. Posters, yard signs (for businesses with frontage), and floor decals (for social distancing) have been developed and will be distributed to local businesses.  A banner is also being displayed over Main Street.

The message is as follows:

We are open.
We are safe.
We are strong.
We are #movingforwardBG.

The hope is that the community sees a clear message wherever they go — the bank, their place of work, their dentist, their favorite restaurant, etc.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have all been created under the same name: Moving Forward BG.  Content will feature positive interactions between businesses and residents and will highlight how businesses are pivoting to keep their employees and customers safe.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. If you’re a BG business, reach out to the BG Economic Development Office to request campaign materials.
  2. Please follow the Moving Forward BG Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter social media accounts with your business pages (and with your personal accounts if you choose) and share content as it’s posted. Encourage your staff and/or customers to follow these accounts if possible.
  3. If you have a story to share, please reach out to the BG Economic Development Office. We want to feature businesses on the social media pages. For example, maybe you’ve come up with a list of “best practices for working at home”, or your company pivoted your operations to make PPE products, or your business has donated to a local nonprofit. The list is endless.  Please keep in mind, these posts are not meant for advertising products or services.  Instead, these are focused on story-telling.  Anything that encourages positivity, economic interaction and/or moving forward — let’s begin to share those stories broadly with our Bowling Green community.

City Receives National Recognition for Electric Reliability

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is proud to announce that the American Public Power Association (APPA) has presented the City of Bowling Green with a Certificate of Excellence in Reliability.

The Certificate of Excellence in Reliability recognizes utilities that placed in the top 25 percentile of reliability nationwide in 2019, as measured against the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) data. The APPA helps public power systems track outage and restoration data through its eReliability Tracker service and compares the data to national statistics tracked by the EIA. AMP covers the cost of subscription to the eReliability Tracker service for all of its members.

“Bowling Green’s commitment to reliable electric service is commendable,” said Jolene Thompson, AMP president and CEO. “This recognition shows how dedicated Bowling Green Municipal Utilities is to serving its customers.”

For a listing of all recipients of the Certificate of Excellence in Reliability, please visit


American Municipal Power, Inc. is the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 135 member municipal electric systems in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland and Delaware. Combined, these public utilities serve more than 650,000 customers. AMP members receive their power supply from a diversified resource mix that includes wholesale power purchases through AMP and the open market and energy produced at AMP and member-owned generating facilities utilizing fossil fuel, hydroelectric, solar, wind and other renewable resources. For additional information, visit AMP’s website at

May Brush Collection Registration Open

The window to schedule a May Brush Collection will be open from May 1 to May 11.  Residents may go online to register their address for this month’s collection: CLICK HERE  Residents may also call 419-354-6227 to be added to the list of locations where crews will stop.  Collection is scheduled to begin on May 18.  Those who do not call in or go online to register by May 11 will NOT be included on the collection route!

Brush should not be placed curbside any sooner than one week prior to pick up.

Brush and limbs should not be more than 6″ diameter and 6′ in length and placed loosely at the curb – not bundled.  Brush mixed with leaves or other yard debris will not be collected.  The City, at its discretion, will not collect entire tree(s) placed in the right of way because of work by a contractor.

For cul-de-sacs, please do not place brush in the cul-de-sac green space as it may block fire hydrants, and/or it is unmanageable for City equipment to remove.

NOTE: Pickup is by WARD and NOT by normal refuse collection day. To be included on the collection route, residents must register their address prior to the May 11 deadline.


Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s website for more information and details.  Information about this program may be found on the Public Works Division web page or residents may call Public Works at 419-354-6227.