Who should I go to first?

You should take a complaint about an officer to his/her Section or Bureau Commander. If he or she is not available, ask for the on-duty shift supervisor. If the complaint is against a supervisor, contact the Bureau Commander or Office of the Chief of Police.

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1. What about the lie detector?
2. What if I'm not satisfied with the results of this investigation?
3. Will I have to write out my complaint?
4. Will I be told how the complaint is resolved?
5. Could I get in trouble for complaining?
6. Does that mean the police division wants complaints?
7. Will you listen to my complaint?
8. Who should I go to first?
9. I want to take this all the way to the top. Will the chief of police know?
10. Do I have to complain in person?
11. I'm under 18. Do I have a right to complain?
12. What will happen to the officer?
13. How thoroughly will you really investigate?