Zoning Code Update

Zoning codes are a set of rules that regulate what can and cannot be done on a particular piece of property.  Zoning can be used to encourage construction of new housing, support local entrepreneurs, attract new businesses, and protect natural resources.  

The City began working with ZoneCo (formerly Calfee Zoning) in 2018 to update the City's Zoning Code after city leaders agreed that it was a priority to put the vision and goals of the City's planning documents into action.  The Bowling Green Zoning Code was originally adopted in 1975, with text amendments over the years as needed.  

Prior to the start of the update to the Zoning Code, ZoneCo created a Diagnostic Report of Zoning Code (PDF) by reviewing the current Zoning Code.  As the City began the process of drafting new and streamlined zoning regulations, the Diagnostic Report was an important first step in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the existing Zoning Code and the extent to which the current Zoning Code advances or acts as a barrier to the land use principles and planning vision set forth in the City's planning documents: 

New Zoning Code

The initial Draft Zoning Code was released for public review in June 2022.  The Draft Zoning Code Update was introduced for legislation on April 17, 2023. After several Zoning Code drafts, months of work sessions and public hearings, City Council passed Ordinance 9098 on June 12, 2023, which adopts a new Zoning Code and Zoning Map.  Several Final Zoning Code Amendments (PDF) were made prior to adoption.  

The new Zoning Code - Effective July 12, 2023 (PDF) and Zoning Map-Effective July 12, 2023 (PDF) became effective on July 12, 2023.  The Interactive Map shows the previous zoning and the new Zoning as of July 12, 2023.  Property owners can zoom in and click on the parcel(s) they are interested in seeing the zoning for. 

ZoneCo held a Training Session for the new Zoning Code on September 21, 2023.  The Training Session can be viewed on the City's YouTube channel.

A review of the timeline has been included for reference on the Timeline-Zoning Code Update webpage.  This page contains links to past meetings, reviews, comments, etc. covering the zoning code update process taking place over the past several years.