It is free to park in City-owned parking lots within the downtown.  Each parking lot is signed to indicate 3-hour and 10-hour parking areas.  The timed parking restrictions are enforced. Violations of the timed parking restrictions will result in ticketing of vehicles and possibly towing at the owner's expense.

While there is no fee to park in City-owned parking lots, where parking meters are located, there is a charge for parking and meter violations are enforced.   

The Bowling Green Police Division utilizes the Roker Parking Solution to increase efficiencies with parking enforcement and allow for online services. 

Bowling Green's Parking Regulations

Pay A Parking Ticket

Parking fines can be paid in three different ways:

Cash, checks, major credit cards, apple and google pay are all accepted. 

Residential Parking Permit

No vehicles may remain within City-owned parking lots overnight without a current and valid permit.  Vehicles in violation of this may be towed at the owner’s expense and the owner may receive a parking ticket.  The Residential Parking Permit would allow for overnight parking within designated areas.  A limited number of Residential Parking Permits are issued on a first come first serve basis to residents of the downtown area. Residential Parking Permits are available for City Lots 2,3,4, and M.  

Apply for Residential Parking Permit

Residents may also apply for a Residential Parking Permit in person at the Bowling Green Police Station located at 175 West Wooster, Bowling Green, OH 43402. 

Residential Parking Permit Rates: $50 for 6 months and $100 for a year.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Bowling Green currently has three charging stations located Downtown and one charging station located at City Park, near the Veteran's Building.  While charging is free, vehicles must follow all other parking regulations for these locations. 

Map of Bowling Green Charging Infrastructure

Parking Map

The City has created an interactive Parking Map, which provides public parking locations, time limits, handicap parking spaces, and more.