Natural Gas Aggregation Program


The City offers an Opt-Out Natural Gas Aggregation Program to Columbia Gas of Ohio residential customers.  Ordinance 7238 was approved by City Council in April 2004 to offer the Program.  A majority vote of the citizens of Bowling Green in November 2004 also authorized the Opt-Out Aggregation Program.   

With the Opt-Out Program, customers are not obligated to participate but are automatically enrolled in the City’s aggregation program unless they voluntarily opt-out.  Also, customers that have a contract with another gas supplier are not automatically enrolled in the Program.    

The Program is intended to offer an alternative natural gas pricing option for residential customers to consider.  Historically, the City has utilized a fixed price for gas service that may range from 6 months to 2 years, depending on market conditions. Other suppliers offer fixed or variable rate plans.  

The City does not receive any revenue or payment by offering the Program.  The Program is offered to add value to residents if they wish to use the Program.  

Current Supplier 

Natural gas supplier, Volunteer Energy Services Inc. (VESI), was the natural gas aggregation supplier for Columbia Gas customers.  Those customers serviced by Columbia Gas and enrolled in the City’s natural gas aggregation program were recently made aware that VESI filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on March 25, 2022.  The City of Bowling Green was not aware of the VESI financial issues and did not have input into cancelling the pricing for the natural gas aggregation program.

Customers were switched to the Columbia Gas Standard Choice Offer.  The City is working with our partners on next steps to find another natural gas supplier for the Program.  Customers affected by the Volunteer bankruptcy have some options:  

Option 1:

Do nothing – you will remain on the Columbia Gas Standard Choice Offer pricing until the City finds another natural gas supplier for the Program.  When a new pricing agreement is signed, customers will automatically be enrolled in the Program.    

Option 2:

Select another natural gas supplier for your service – use the PUCO Apples to Apples website to select an alternative supplier. 

Residential properties served by Suburban Natural Gas are not eligible to select an alternative gas supplier.