Citizen Outreach Program (COP)

COP Program Overview

The Bowling Green Police Division is excited to host their second Citizen Outreach Program (COP) on May 12th and 19th, 2022, from 6:00 PM- 9:30 PM, to give community members a direct experience of what they do for the City. “The Citizen Outreach Program was developed as an effort to engage community members on a more personal level, create an opportunity for dialogue and build trust. It is part of a greater effort that began with the July 2020 racial equity resolution passed by City Council. This program, coupled with the Police Liaison to Communities of Color and engagement with citizen groups, is designed to build positive relationships and transparency,” said Chief Hetrick.  

This program is organized by Lieutenant Ryan Tackett, Sgt. Doug Hartman, Sgt. Gordon Finger, Sgt. Jeff Lowery, Sgt. Scott Frank, Officer Noel Crawford, Officer Brian Crites, Officer Kris Garman, Officer Matt Robinson, Officer Caleb Kusmierek, and Officer Vinny Snyder. 

In this two-part series, citizens will see and experience how Officers train to observe, orient, decide, and react in highly stressful situations. 

Topic Areas of the Program:

  • Patrol Operations (Public Safety, Traffic Enforcement, Criminal Enforcement)
  • BGPD Tour
  • Crisis Negotiations and Special Response Teams
  • K9 Unit and Demonstration
  • Traffic Stops
  • Investigations
  • De-escalation Techniques & Use of Force
  • Firearm Safety and Use at BGPD Firing Range
  • Defensive Tactics

At the completion of the program, participants were offered the opportunity to participate in a ride-along to experience what a real shift is like.


The Citizen Outreach Program will be repeated twice a year. Those who are interested in participating in this program, should complete the Citizen Outreach Program Application

Questions should be referred to Lieutenant Ryan Tackett by phone 419-352-1131 or Email.

Mayor gives Welcome
Officer Finger discusses K9 Unit Duties
Citizens hold body armor
Citizen discharges firearm safely in PD Gun Range 2
Officers explain SRT duties
Chief Hetrick speaking with citizens