Urban Forestry Management Plan


The goal of the Urban Forestry Division is to develop a comprehensive management plan to maintain all the trees in the public right-of-way and City-owned property. This management plan will consist of tree planting, tree pruning, and tree removals. We will develop a master tree planting list and specification, tree pruning and removal specification, standard contracts and bidding work, new forms, and brochures on our new program. Our management plan will be determined by the Street Tree Inventory.

Free Wood Chips

Free wood chips and wood are available at the Public Works Complex. The Public Works Complex is located off North College Drive adjacent to the Wood County Recycling Building. The woodchips are located at the end of the drive off North College Drive. The wood is located off Tarragon Drive (Off East Poe Road) in between the Public Works Complex and the Wood County Airport. Contact the City Arborist for more information at 419-353-4101.

Electric Division Line Clearance Program

Electric Division Line Clearance Program's goal is to be on a four-year cycle based on trimming all circuits in a substation to improve the reliability of electrical service. The four-year cycle is based on the following: customer load, critical customers, outage history, and integrity of the electric infrastructure. We plan to integrate the use of internal and external workforces to complete the initial circuit and substation trimming.

We expect to use a two-man crew from the Electric Division to work on smaller dead tree removals, small tree removal, stump grinding, re-seeding, and tree planting on the circuits. We plan to use a contracted tree to focus on large dead tree removals, large tree removal, and manual climbing of trees. We plan to develop a tree pruning and removal specification for line clearance, standard contracts and bidding work, new forms, and brochures on our line clearance program.

Gypsy Moth Suppression Plan

Our goal is to suppress the Gypsy Moth outbreak in City Park and Oak Grove Cemetery. We plan to use a naturally occurring bacteria called Baccillus Thuringiensis (BT). BT spray will only affect caterpillars and is harmless to other animals and people. The larvae and egg masses will be scraped into buckets and disposed of properly if necessary. Each oak tree will be aerated, mulched, and fertilized to improve the health of the trees. Entomophaga fungal spores were applied to the soils at Oak Grove by Craig Everett, Wood County OSU Extension Horticulturist. Gypsy Moths have moved off the City Park into the surrounding areas due to the build-up of the population. The City Arborist and Public Works Director are reviewing all options available to suppress the Gypsy Moth populations to reasonable levels.

Public Education & Community Service

The new focus for the Bowling Green Tree Commission is public education and community service. We hold three educational seminars each year to provide urban forestry information to the residents in the community. We plan an annual Arbor Day Celebration which we hold at one of the local elementary schools. In 2018 the Tree Commission started a photo contest to raise resident awareness of the urban forest around them in Bowling Green.

Educational Seminar Series

  • When: To be announced, Fall 2021
  • Location: Simpson Garden Park Conference Room
  • Topic: To be announced
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