2019 Major Construction Projects

There are two major construction projects that will continue into 2019 that residents need to know about. These projects include the ongoing construction of the roundabouts at I-75 and East Wooster and work within the downtown consisting of utility upgrades and repaving.

Roundabouts: This ODOT led project will continue into 2019 with an anticipated completion date of late summer 2019. Much of the work done to date has revolved around preparing the site for the eventual roundabouts to be installed next summer.  A significant and largely unseen portion of the project has been the updating and upgrading of utilities in the area of the interchange.  Throughout the fall of 2018 and into the winter of 2019, electrical upgrades have occurred, the relocation of a sanitary sewer pump station to the east in order to better equalize flow to the Wastewater Treatment Plant has begun, and the installation of a new sanitary sewer force main and new water line under I-75 will occur soon.


The north side of the bridge deck over I-75 is largely complete with the construction of the south side to occur in the spring of 2019. The continued bridge deck work includes, but is not limited to, updated fencing, new concrete and support structure, updated lighting, and preparing the site for a future multi-use path along the northern side of the bridge – providing a multi-modal connection between the east and west sides of I-75.

In order to efficiently and quickly finish the bridge deck and roundabouts, ODOT will be closing the overpass for a significant period of time beginning sometime in the spring or early summer of 2019. The final details of this closure will released by ODOT once determined; however, the public should be prepared to find alternate routes over I-75.

Downtown:  The completion of the Columbia Gas natural gas line replacement was the first of the underground utilities to be completed in conjunction with the downtown paving project.  The next phase of the improvements will include replacing and repairing the water and sewer lines.  The project area will encompass Main Street, from Oak to Ordway, and Wooster Street, from Prospect to Church.  Construction crews will begin mobilizing for this work within the first few weeks of January, 2019.  While this work occurs, traffic will be impacted and detours will likely be necessary.

The utility portion of this project is anticipated to last through the spring of 2019. Once complete, a contractor will repave the downtown.

Questions about these projects may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.