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City of Bowling Green
Income Tax Office
304 North Church Street
Bowling Green, OH  43402
(1st Floor)

Telephone: 419-354-6212
Fax: 419-354-5122



Income Tax Division

tax rate and filing information

Employers may make Bowling Green Ohio city withholding tax reports and payments via the Ohio Business Gateway.  For more information, please visit the Ohio Business Gateway's website at or call the city income tax office at        (419) 354-6288.  

General Tax Information: Office Hours Mon - Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm EST


Tax Rate:

The City of Bowling Green has a flat rate tax of 2.00%.  Prior to 1/1/2011, the rate was 1.92%


Who Is Required To File:

The Bowling Green tax forms (Form R, Declaration of Estimated Income Tax) should be used by individuals, partnerships, corporations and any other entity having income taxable to this municipality. Receipt of forms indicates an obligation to which you must respond.

Unless the tax was withheld by a Bowling Green employer:

  1. Residents must file on all taxable income, wherever earned.
  2. Part-year residents must file on all taxable income earned during the period of their Bowling Green residency and should pro-rate income, expenses and credits accordingly.
  3. Nonresidents must file on all taxable Bowling Green income.

Bowling Green does not accept electronically filed tax returns.

Taxable Income:

Taxable income includes qualifying wages, salaries, commissions and other compensation including but not limited to bonuses, incentive payments, fees, property in lieu of cash, tips, severance pay, supplemental unemployment benefits (sub pay), sick pay, excess insurance premiums, vacation pay, salary/wage continuation plans, state lottery proceeds, profits from businesses, professions and partnerships, ordinary gains derived from the sale of business property, rents and all deferrals.

The net profits of all unincorporated businesses, professions, partnerships or other activities conducted by residents of the City of Bowling Green or conducted by nonresidents within the City of Bowling Green.

The net profits of all corporations derived from work done or services performed or rendered and business or other activities conducted in the City of Bowling Green.

Income Not Taxable:

Income not taxable includes interest, dividends, military pay and allowances for active duty, contributions to Sec.125 (cafeteria plans), proceeds of insurance, pensions, annuities, alimony, social security, Medicare, poor relief, workman's compensation, unemployment compensation, capital gains (excluding ordinary gains), income from patents and copyrights, royalties, revenue from intangible property, and non Bowling Green income earned while a resident elsewhere (part year resident). Also exempt is the income of charitable, educational, fraternal or other nonprofit associations. Board of Elections poll worker pay less than $1000.

Credit For Taxes Paid To Another City:

Bowling Green residents may take a credit limited to 50% times the lesser tax rate between Bowling Green and the city to which the tax was properly paid, times the other city taxable income.  This credit cannot exceed 1.00%

Net Losses:

The net loss from a business entity may not be used to offset salaries, wages, commissions or the net income from any other entity or activity. Each business loss may be carried forward five (5) years to offset future income from the same entity for the same owner.

Declaration Of Estimated Tax:

An estimate form is required and quarterly payments are due when the anticipated annual tax liability after proper credits exceed $100. An estimate may equal the previous year's tax liability in the absence of known circumstances to the contrary. Quarterly payments are due the middle of the fourth month and the end of seventh, tenth and thirteenth months following the year end.

Due Date:

For all calendar year filers, returns are due April 15.  If the return is made for a fiscal year or any period of less than a year, the return shall be filed within three and one half (3 1/2) months from the end of each fiscal year or other period.

Extension Of Time To File:

Extensions must be requested in writing by the due date of the return. An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay. Unless a written extension request, or a photo copy of the federal extension, is received by the due date, late fees will begin whether or not a tax is due.

Any payment due with the extension should be made payable to the City of Bowling Green, and mailed to Income Tax Division, 304 N. Church St, Bowling Green, OH 43402. A copy of the federal extension must be included with your return when you file on or before the extended due date.

Late Filing Fees:

For failure to file a timely tax return, make scheduled estimated tax payments or for understatement of estimated tax, late fees are: penalty of $.50 per late business day (minimum $10.00) plus interest of 1 1/2% per late month or portion of a month.

* The above information is believed to be accurate, but it is not guaranteed. The City of Bowling Green disclaims liability for any errors or omissions. If in doubt: call, write, fax, e-mail or visit.

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