Human Relations Commission

The Commission consists of eleven members with three year terms. Bowling Green State University and Bowling Green High School are also represented on the Board with student members serving one-year terms.

The Human Relations Commission meets on the first Friday of each month at 8 am in the Council Chamber, 304 North Church Street.  Commission does not typically meet in July & August.  Call the Mayor’s Office at 419-354-6204 to confirm meeting schedule.

The human relations commission promotes equality for and understanding among all people of the community and provides mediation through conferences and conciliation.

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The City of Bowling Green and the Bowling Green Human Relations Commission are committed to ensuring that Bowling Green remains a safe and inclusive community.  As part of these efforts, we have taken a proactive stance on enacting laws that protect against discrimination (Chapter 39 of the Bowling Green Codified Ordinances) as well as passing resolutions condemning violence, hate speech and proclaiming our community as safe and welcoming for all.  Below are links to Chapter 39 and resolutions pass in 2017.


Chapter 39 – Bowling Green Codified Ordinances


Resolution 3655


Resolution 3662








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